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The Future of
Cloud Is Here

Decentralized SuperCloud For Autonomous AI Tools


Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN)

MainAI is set to transform how decentralized applications on the blockchain access essential resources. Utilizing Ethereum smart contracts, MainAI builds a virtual cloud infrastructure that offers scalable, secure, and easy access to services, data-sets, and high-performance computing on demand.


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We Are Open-Source.


Resource Management

MainAI gives you full control over your cloud. You can set up your own cloud infrastructure and even monetize your unused cloud resources by selling them. Conversely, you can purchase cloud resources from others to run your applications efficiently. MainAI features an innovative Supercloud network, facilitating rapid scaling and global service access. It employs a "reverse auction" mechanism where customers state their price, and providers compete, often resulting in costs up to 85% lower than traditional cloud services.

We Are Decentralized.



AI has become widespread, with 79% of the global workforce experiencing it and over 40% of businesses benefiting from its automation. Yet, AI's growth faces challenges, mainly its opaque nature, raising concerns about biases and decision-making rationale.To address this, Web3 proposes building transparent, decentralized AI models, enhancing trust and understanding. This approach democratizes AI development, promotes ethical standards, and ensures data security, promising a future of transparent, ethical AI aligned with societal needs.

We Are Secure.



Direct and Confidential: In this system, you connect directly with the provider for deploying your application, ensuring data security and privacy. There are no intermediaries to access your data or claim payment shares. The absence of central control in MainAI eliminates single points of failure, enhancing reliability.

Why MainAI

Boosting Security with NeuroCore.

NeuroCore, in contrast, operates within standard hardware parameters, like GPUs, at room temperature, without facing the bit number limitations of quantum computing. It efficiently solves problems with millions of variables



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